Bucket elevators are designed to move flowing powders or bulk solids vertically. The typical elevator consists of a series of buckets mounted on a chain or belt operating over a sprocket or pulley. Take-ups are provided as a means to compensate for variations in length of chain or belt due to temperature changes, atmospheric conditions, or wear. A mild steel casing encloses the bucket line. Head sections and boot sections house integral transmission components.

Material is fed into an inlet hopper. Buckets (or cups) dig into the Material, and convey it up to and over the head sprocket/pulley, then throwing the material out the discharge throat. The emptied buckets then continue goes back down to the boot to continue the cycle.

JS Engineering Company's Industrial Bucket Elevators are made in a variety of shapes, weights and sizes, utilizing centrifugal discharge or continuous discharge flow types.


These elevators are most commonly used to convey free flowing, powdered bulk solids such as grains, animal feed, sand, minerals, sugar, aggregates, chemicals and more. They operate at high speeds, which throw the materials out the buckets into discharge throat by centrifugal force.

JS Engineering Company (JSECO) have ability to design all types of elevators, with slow or high speed (RPM) to carry weigh about 6KG each bucket (max). It all depends up to the customer's need, so JSECO always feel proud to facilitate its valuable clients by maintaining their best level of accuracy standard as according to their customer's ultimate requirement.


These types have buckets spaced continuously and operate at lower speeds. The continuous bucket placement allows the force of gravity to discharge their load onto the inverted front of the preceding bucket. The bucket then guides that material into the discharge throat on the descending side of the elevator. Continuous elevators are used to handle friable, fragile materials because they minimize product damage or are used to handle light, fluffy materials where aeration of the product must be avoided because every bucket application is unique, JSECO offers a broad series of industrial elevator designs. Selection of the proper type elevator depends largely on capacity requirements and the characteristics of the material to be handled.

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