JS  Engineering Company (JSECO) Lift services have a comprehensive Lift Refurbishment & Lift Modernization service for all types & makes of lifts. JSECO can take on role of main contractor if required, in order that we can assist you in keeping your lift in the best possible working order.


We usually start by carrying out a detailed survey of your lift so that  we can then put forward our recommendations for lift's refurbishment or modernization in the form a detailed specification. The work undertaken during a lift modernization might include the followings.

Modifying your lift to comply with current standards / legislation, such as:

"    The Equality Act (formerly DDA);
"    Health & Safety Legislation;
"    The Lift Aesthetic enhancements to the lift car & landing doors/ entrances
"    Enhancements to control/ Drive systems to improve
"    Reliability.
"    Ride quality;
"    Traffic flow.
"    Automatic re-leveling
"    Travel Speed


An old lift does not necessarily need replacing in its entirety. In fact, doing so may be extremely difficult due to the design or layout of the existing installation. Instead, you can have a lift modernized where by obsolete components are replaced by their modern equivalent. A lift modernization would normally be a larger job than a lift refurbishment & would involve us carrying out a detailed survey of your lift in order that we can put, forward our recommendations in the form of a detailed specifications.


We really can look after all your lifts, not just our own supplied and installed lifts. We do this because se know you need to rely on your lifts and we will make sure that you can. We have a vast team which is highly-trained & completely concerned with this lift engineering profession in our all branches here in Pakistan Once you get in O&M contract (Annual Basis), you will never found our team's. engineer for away. They deliver excellent local maintenance, repairs and refurbishment services to keep people and goods moving. Our 24/7 emergency breakdown services is available to all our customers 365 day a year.


Passenger Lifts (Commercial Buildings, Banks & Industries)
Cargo Lifts (Ware Houses & Industries)
Bed Lifts (Hospitals)


That's exactly why we have our Major Projects team. We take on out of the ordinary and special projects that involve so much more then the supply of lifts. Form preparing tenders to surveying sites and designing bespoke solutions for special situations, our team relish the challenge of a major project and are proud  of their work on many prestigious sites across the Pakistan. We work smartly, safely and fairly we back all our work with a promise to always keep our word.

Our project management skill are employed in schemes where we may supply any of the following: Building work lift refurbishment. The supply and installation of standard passenger, platform and goods lifts. The refurbishment of old, or the construction of new, machine rooms. Ongoing technical support for the optimum performance of all lifting equipment. Many of our projects are part of a larger scheme in which we are responsible for package of work planned & executed within a collaborative schedule of work involving other suppliers and contractors.

Contact the Major Projects team to discuss your project requirements and put us to the test.

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