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Whether you are looking for a wide selection of commercial poles Single arm, double arm tubular (hot dip galvanized poles) decorative poles, JS Engineering Company (JSECO) has a division, which is committed  to meet  your needs & being your Supplier choice as per your ultimate designs and standards.

The versatility of our poles allows architects, engineers & design professionals to use these poles for a wide range of commercial, residential, municipal and industrial applications. The durability & strength of the product, along with its lightweight, maintenance-free construction, helps keep installation time to minimum & reduces transportation cost.

Each phase of design, fabrication, finishing & delivery is planed and seamlessly carried out to ensure that customer receive the high quality high products. JS Engineering Company (JSECO) manufactures all kind of poles at its well equipped plant (Work-shop) which features machinery like pipe reducing machine, welding machines and has facilities to produce poles up to 16 meters and 8mm thickness. Customization is also done as per a customer's specifications.

JS Engineering Company (JSECO) Poles include light poles in single hang and double hang, street light tubular poles, highways poles, traffic light poles, search light poles for industrial boundary protection, & decorative poles for gardens etc, and are made of G.I tubes of suitable lengths & joined together.

Our company's team of veterans in this business utilizes their individuals and collective experience and knowledge along with plant and equipment to effectively complete any job within a customer's deadline, no matter what the design challenge.

"    Zero maintenance -  no pole fires, insect infestation or pole rot
"    Weighs 50 - 70 % less than comparable concrete structures
"    Custom Designs - made to customer's exact specifications
"    Custom finished as according to customer's standards
"    Durable - pole can last as long  as 50 years



Our manufactured poles are completely weather proof to ensure safety of internal connections. The door is flush with the exterior surface and has a suitable locking arrangement. There is also a suitable arrangement for earthing. The poles are adequately strengthened at the location of the door.


Welding is carried out confirming to approved procedures duly qualified by third party inspection agency. The welders are qualified for all types & positions of  welding.


All of the manufactured poles are invariably coated with bituminous black paint internally and externally up to the level which goes inside the earth (if plantation is required). The remaining portion of exterior is painted with one coat of red oxide primer (Anti-rusting paint) as specified.

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