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Tyre Killer is an electro hydraulically operated heavy duty spike obstruction which rises above the ground level on giving a valid input signal and thus prevents unauthorized intrusions at entry/exit points of high security premises.
When in lowered position the vehicles can pass through, thereby providing a good enhanced security blockage system.

The housing and the blocking element of the Tyre Killer are designed in full core steel profile construction with TESCON 4S Coating, ensuring maximum safety against corrosion. The impact face of the Tyre Killer is impact resisting thick, sharp steel spikes to puncture the tyre and infact are strong enough to break the axle of the vehicle. It transfers mechanical forces to reinforced concrete foundation.


The tyre killer is operated by high speed hydraulic cylinders. A power pack containing an electric motor - pump assembly and an accumulator/handle for manual operation(in case of power failure) is installed upto a distance of 20 meters from the tyre killer in a all weatherproof lockable steel casing on a concrete base.

The operation time for up & down movement of the tyre killer varies from 2-6 seconds.


Blocking Width : from 2.00 m to 6.00 m
Blocking Height : heavy-duty steel spikes, 475 mm high
Electro-Hydraulic Drive Unit : integrated within underground casing or separately inside lockable steel cabinet for outdoor installation max. 20 m distance from tyre killer

Our Tyre Killer Barriers are specially designed for use at sites requiring high levels of security and dealing with high traffic pressure. Our products are simple to install and provide excellent level of efficiency in vehicle control. These are ideally suited for approach entrances to banks, military installations, airports, cash collection depots and other such organizations.


     Tyre Killer Frame Fabricated from 3 and 6 mm thick MS angle iron box sections.
     Independent free operating 10mm thick MS blades with vertical height of 3 to 4 inches from the surface.
     Individually replaceable MS blades.
     Central shaft for arming and disarming the flow controller (if required).
     Origin: Locally Fabricated.
     Height : 230 mm, Depth: 325 mm, Length: as per requirement

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